Grants & Rebates

Qualify for Up To $40,000 in Grants & Rebates!

All of the following opportunities are available for the installation of your new Innovative/Advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment System.

New York State

Maximum grant of $10,000 available for the installation or upgrade of new I/A OWTS systems on residential or commercial properties with less than 1,000 GPD of sewage flow.

Suffolk County

Maximum grant of $20,000 plus $10,000 in available loans at 3% interest over 15 years for the installation or upgrade to a new I/A OWTS System on residential property.

East Hampton Town

Maximum rebate of $20,000 available for residential and commercial projects. Restrictions apply based on location, environmental factors, and housing type.

Southampton Town

Maximum rebate of $20,000 available for residential and commercial projects available in tiers based on adjusted gross income level. Rebates ARE available for new construction.

Shelter Island Town

Maximum rebate of $15,000 available for residential property only after applying for all available State and County grant opportunities.

How Much Do You Qualify For?

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I/A OWTS Help and Resources

Lifecycle of Pfiesteria

What is Pfiesteria?

Between 1998 and 2004, samples taken from several Suffolk County waterways found traces of Pfiesteria. Like many other types of microalgae or phytoplankton, Pfiesteria contributes

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Rust tide in the lower YOrk River

What is a Rust Tide?

Harmful algal blooms impact local water sources and environments. Rust tides are one of the many concerns for local officials who want to revamp local

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The Bridgewater Environmental Services team is uniquely qualified to manage your sanitary improvement project. Our team brings decades of experience in environmental compliance, tech and automation, environmental land use, septic, grant & rebate handling, and installation to make sure your project is a success. Whether because of mandates, system failure, or environmental altruism, upgrading your sanitary system is the single largest positive environmental impact you can have on Long Island’s waterways.