Septic Upgrade Process

How it Works

1. Free Septic Upgrade Consultation

No Commitments, No Obligations

Your septic upgrade consultation is a free, no-pressure opportunity to speak with one of our experts and determine your eligibility for septic system grants and rebates, discuss your design options, and talk through the process of upgrading your onsite wastewater treatment system.

2. Septic Upgrade Project Funding

Roll of Money on Stone Background.

Grants & Rebates for Septic Systems

In many cases our customers pay absolutely NO money out-of-pocket to replace their septic system with an environmentally friendly Innovative and Alternative On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (I/A OWTS). We handle every step of this process for you, identifying and applying for all of the New York septic grants and rebates for which you qualify.

3. I/A OWTS Septic System Design

Your Property, Your Solution

Upon successfully securing grants and rebates for your septic system, you have the choice of continuing with Bridgewater to pick the right Innovative and Advanced On-site Wastewater Treatment System  (I/A OWTS) for your property through our network of preferred system designers.

System Design Plans

4. Septic Upgrade Permitting

Construction sketching

Make the Red Tape Our Problem

Our team has decades of experience working with New York State, Nassau County, and Suffolk County to expedite permits and handle any environmental concerns that may appear along the way. We make this process easy and seamless so you can rest easy knowing your cesspool upgrade project will be completed in a timely manner.

5. I/A OWTS Septic System Installation

Get it Done Right

We will connect you with the right installer for your location, selected system (like the Fuji Clean CE 5), and particular design to make sure your project gets done right, on time, and on budget.

Fuji Wastewater Tank Installation

The Bridgewater Environmental Services team is uniquely qualified to manage your sanitary improvement project. Our team brings decades of experience in environmental compliance, tech and automation, environmental land use, septic, grant & rebate handling, and installation to make sure your project is a success. Whether because of mandates, system failure, or environmental altruism, upgrading your sanitary system is the single largest positive environmental impact you can have on Long Island’s waterways.

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